General Client Requirements

The following must be on file at Gupton's

  1. Written proof of vaccinations from your veterinarian, the date given and date due
    • Parvo, Distemper, Rabies, & Bordetella
  2. Completed and Signed Gupton's Boarding and Grooming Release 
    • You can print off  a copy (return to the home page and then click on the Boarder and Grooming Release Page) or stop by the store to pick up a  copy
  3. A phone number where you may be reached during the day, and an Emergency contact name and number

Requirements of the doggie client

  • Males must be neutered if they are greater than 4 months of age
  • Puppies must have at least 2 parvo-distemper vaccinations in the puppies series and rabies no later than 6 months of age
  • Small dog group daycare clients can weigh no more than 30 lbs unless special permission has been granted before arrival
  • No reservation is required for small dog group daycare
  • Medium-Large dogs (Over 30 lbs) can play in individual indoor/outdoor suite-runs


Facilities Small Dog

Small Doggie Daycare

  • Indoor play areas are heated and cooled
  • Outdoor play areas are kennel rock--no grasses
    • Dog doors allow the dogs to come in and out at will
  • Three different Play Groups
    • The play dynamics will be assessed on a daily basis and dogs will be divided into proper groupings based on behavior
  • Fresh water available at all times
  • A mixture of Chicken and Rice and Fish and Rice dry dog foods are provided through out the day as snacks for all
  • Toys and bedding are provided as enrichment
  • Attendant on hand at all times to see the sanitation, health, and happiness of all clients
  • Clients go home happy and tired from a day of play

Facilities Med-XLarge Dog

NO VACANCIES MAY 18 - 29, 2018

Medium - XLarge Doggie Daycare

  • Indoor Suite 
    • Indoor Heated and Cooled
    • 6' X 6'
    • Dog door from indoor suite to outdoor area
  • Outdoor Run
    • Kennel rock outdoor area 6' X 25'
  • Provided for each dog
    • Water and food dishes
    • Elevated dog cots and/or sleeping blankets
    • Safe Chews and Toys
    • Food: a mixture of chicken & rice and fish & rice dry kibble as snacks
  • Interaction between dogs
    • For the safety of our doggie clients and staff, the medium to large dogs are each placed in separate play suites
    • Dogs from the same household can play in the same suite/run; however dogs from different households are only allowed to play through the fencing
      • Fencing is commercial grade chain length 6 foot tall 

Location & Hours


  • 2809 George Washington Blvd--The green building closest to the Kwik shop within the chain link fence of the Gupton's Campus
  • Pull straight in from the gate through the gravel parking lot to the front entrance (a gate, then a door, then another gate to ensure the safety of all clients)

Drop off and Pick up Hours:

  • Tuesday thru Saturday  7a.m. to 7p.m.
  • Sunday  8a.m. to 6p.m.
  • Monday   NO DAYCARE 


Small Dogs  (Under 30 lbs)

  • $ 10.00 per dog per day
  • Walk-Ins welcomed
  • Web Special :  Buy 10 days of daycare for $ 85.00
    • Web Special has no free service value

Medium/Large Dogs (30 -- 100 lbs)

  • $ 15.00 per dog per day
  • Must call ahead for availability
  • Web Special:  Buy 10 days of daycare for $ 127.00
    • Web Special has no free service value

X-Large Dogs (Over 100 lbs)

  • $ 20.00 per dog per day
  • Must call ahead for availability
  • Web Special:  Buy 10 days of daycare for $ 170.00
    • Web Special has no free service value

Prices do not include sales tax; clients are responsible for sales tax.