The Vet & Contact Info

Dr Suzanne Harvey, D.V.M.


24 hour messaging service

          316 681-0515

  • Please call and leave a message with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Please be sure to leave the following with your message
  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your pet's name and species
  3. A phone number where you may be reached
  4. A brief message as to why you are calling
  • The vet or one of her assistants will return your call as soon as possible



On the Gupton's Campus

  The white house-shaped building to the southwest of the orange 2815 retail store and to the left of the orange and white double garage

  • Drive straight down the Gupton's Main Drive way to the back of the lot
  •   Fenced in front outdoor doggie waiting room with benches for our doggie's human buddies

Vet Clinic Dates & Hours

The Vet will be in the Clinic the following dates

  • Tuesdays:  6/25, 7/2, 7/16, 7/30, 8/13, 8/27/2019
  • Saturdays: 5/25, 6/8, 6/22, 7/13, 7/27, 8/10, 8/24/2019

Walk-in Hours 

  • 10a.m. to 1p.m.
  • All clients signed in by 1p.m. will be seen that day
  • Walk-in time wait varies from 5 - 45 minutes

 Consultation Appointments Available

(vaccinations, heartworm tests, health checks, ear issues, fecal check, allergies, illness, etc.)

  • 12:00p.m. to 3:40p.m.

All Surgeries require surgery appointments & a nonrefundable deposit

Pre-surgery paper work pick up, paying the deposit, and all appointments can be scheduled at the store front counter Tues thru Sat 9am-7pm and Sun 11am-6pm


The Gupton's House Vet reserves the right to cancel appointments or walk-in hours with less than 24 hours notice.  Rescheduling will be done at the Vet's discretion.

Prices are flat fees and are subject to change without notice.


Available Only from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

Type                                                               Fee per vaccination

Parvo-Distemper  (puppy)                                       $ 15

Rabies (1 year--canine or feline)                            $ 15

Parvo-Distemper-Lepto                                           $ 15

Bordetella (nasal or oral)                                         $ 15

Parvo-Distemper + Rabies                                      $ 25

Parvo-Distemper (puppy) + Bordetella                  $ 25

Feline CVRC                                                             $ 15

Feline CVRC + Rabies                                             $ 25

Please consult the Gupton's House Vet during clinic hours for price quote about any other vaccinations of interest.

Non-Surgical Services

Service                                                                                 Fee

General Exam/Consult                                                $30 - $ 75

    Diagnostic Service--to be determined by the vet

Blood/Lab Panels                                                      $ 85 - $ 300

    (Price varies depending on the type. Come in for the quote)

Fecal Examine                                                                       $18

Skin Scraping                                                                        $ 20

Ear Cytology                                                                          $ 20

Heart Worm Test                                                                    $ 25

*Heart worm and Flea treatments are available in 1,3, and 6 month doses.  

  • Prices vary by type, brand and dose quantities.


*Prescriptions--Price varies based on type and exam required for prescription 


*Additional Services are available.

  •  Please consult the Gupton's House Vet during clinic hours with questions or for more information.
  • Additional services may include, but are not limited to the following:  Puppy Health check, Ear Crop, Urinary/Bladder Issues, Pain Management, Skin Condition Management (allergies, fleas, mites, infection, etc), Chronic Ear Issues, Etc.

Surgical Patient Information

Requirements of Patient

  • Current on vaccinations
  • Proof of vaccinations performed by vet must be presented prior to procedure
  • Must be in general good health to be determined by the Gupton's House Vet
  • An appointment with a $ 15 nonrefundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the final vet service fee.
  • Completed Patient Information Form
  • Completed Release Form
  • Elizabethan Collar
  • Follow pre-op instruction sheet

General Information

  • Check in from 9:30a.m. to 10:30a.m. on day of surgery
  • Owners will be called when procedures have been completed and patient is ready for pick up.
  • Be sure to leave a phone number at which you can be reached throughout the day
  • Pick-up must occur no later than 6:30 p.m.
  • Post-op instructions will be issued at time of pick-up

Surgical Procedures

Procedure                                                                                Fee

Cat or Rabbit Spay (<15 lbs)                                              $ 75

Cat or Rabbit Neuter (<15 lbs)                                           $ 50

Cat Declaw   (front only)                                                     $ 50 - $ 85


Dog Neuter (+ $ 25 per each additional 25 lbs)

      2--10 lbs                                                                      $ 50

      11--25 lbs                                                                     $ 60

      26--75 lbs                                                                     $ 85

     (retained testicle neuter fee is an additional $ 40 - $75)


                            Dog Surgeries for dogs 2--30 lbs

Procedure                                                                             Fee

(each additional 15 lbs of weight is $ 25 extra per 15 lb increment)

Spay                                                                                     $ 120

Umbilical Hernia Repair                                                       $ 75

Inguinal Hernia Repair                                                         $ 120

Small Growth Removal starting at                                      $ 75

Large Growth Removal starting at                                     $ 120

Ear Cropping (does not incude rewrap)                             $ 120


                                        Dental Cleaning

Procedure                                                                           Fee

Dog or Cat under 70 lbs                                                        $ 120

Dog over 70 lbs                                                                       $ 160

The following are only done in addition to a dental cleaning:

Minor Tooth Extraction (unlimited number)                          $ 25

Major Tooth Extraction (number restrictions apply)              $ 60


Other Surgical Procedures

The Gupton's House Vet can perform a number of additional procedures, please come in for a consultation for a price quote and discussion for any procedure not listed above