COVID-19 Precautions

Surgery Patients:

1.  Please enter the building one client at a time.  If a client is checking in, please wait outside until they leave before entering the building.

     a.  Please limit to 1 human per pet for drop-off and pick-up.

     b.  Please have all required paperwork completely filled out and ready to give to the receptionist when you arrive.

2.  Call 316 681-0515 to request assistance, from your car, to check your pet in or pick-up from surgery.

     a.  An attendant from the vet office will come to the car as soon as they are available.


All other Appointments or Walk-ins

1.  Please CHECK-IN at the front door and TAKE a pager

    a.  If your pet is a new patient for Dr. Harvey, take a clipboard and paperwork packet for EACH NEW pet that needs to be seen today and fill out completely.


   b. If your pet is not new, then wait in your car until your pager goes off

2.  Be sure to tell the check in clerk all items you need to day: shots, flea & tick meds, be specific with health issues, etc.

3.  Only 1 client with the pets will be allowed 

    a.  No more than 1 person and 3 pets in the clinic at one time.  If additional pets need to be seen, you will need to retrieve them from the car as instructed by clinic staff

     b. Once you have completed your payment, please leave immediately, so the next client may be seen.

4.  Please call 316 681-0515 if you would rather we retreive your pet from you car, perform the asked for services, and return your pet to your car once services and payment are completed.


Please be kind and act responsibly toward your fellow clients and clinic staff.  Observe social distancing a much as possible and remember we will get to you and your animal as soon as safety allows, so be prepared to wait



Gupton's House Vet Staff 





The Vet & Contact Info

Dr Suzanne Harvey, D.V.M.


24 hour messaging service

          316 681-0515

  • Please call and leave a message with any questions or concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Please be sure to leave the following with your message
  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your pet's name and species
  3. A phone number where you may be reached
  4. A brief message as to why you are calling
  • The vet or one of her assistants will return your call within 48 hours
  • If it is a surgery follow-up that requires a quicker response or an emergency with a current patient, please feel free to use Dr Harvey's cell number (on your post-op instruction sheet or her clinic business card) 



On the Gupton's Campus

  The Blue building with the lattice and chain link fence surrounding it, between the orange retail store and the green daycare/boarding building

  • Directly off of Geo Wash Blvd at the front of the lot
  • Entrance gate is along the driveway between the retail store and the vet building
  • Parking in front of the vet building (along Geo Wash Blvd) or behind by the trees along the driveway between the two buildings
  • Parking also available by entering the service/delivery gate to the north of the clinic on George Washington Blvd. Park along the silver 2ft tall park posts

Vet Clinic Dates & Hours

The Vet will be in the Clinic the following dates for surgeries, appointments, and walk-ins

  • Tuesdays:   3/16, 3/30/2021
  • Saturdays: 2/27--limited walkins, 3/13, 3/27/2021

The Vet will be in the Clinic on the following dates for surgeries and appointments only--absolutely NO walk-ins

  • Tuesdays:  2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/23/2021

Walk-in Hours 

  • 10:30a.m. to 1:30p.m.
  • All clients signed in by 1:30p.m. will be seen that day
  • Walk-in time wait varies from 5 - 90+ minutes
  • New client paperwork must be completed and entered into the computer before the vet will see you

 Consultation Appointments Available (see below for new client info)

(vaccinations, heartworm tests, health checks, ear issues, fecal check, allergies, illness, etc.)

  • 12:00p.m. to 3:40p.m.

All Surgeries require surgery appointments & a nonrefundable deposit

Pre-surgery paper work pick up, paying the deposit, and all appointments can be scheduled at Gupton Pet Care front counter Tues thru Sat 11am - 7pm


The Gupton's House Vet reserves the right to cancel appointments or walk-in hours with less than 24 hours notice.  Rescheduling will be done at the Vet's discretion.

Prices are flat fees and are subject to change without notice.


Type                                                                       Fee per vaccination

Parvo-Distemper + wormer  (puppy)                                              $ 17

Rabies (1 year--canine or feline)                                                     $ 17

Parvo-Distemper-Lepto (over 4 months)                                       $ 17

Bordetella (nasal or oral)                                                                 $ 17

Parvo-Distemper(+/-Lepto) + Rabies                                              $ 30

Parvo-Distemper (puppy) + Bordetella                                          $ 30

Parvo-Distemper(+/-Lepto) + Rabies +Bordetella                         $ 45

Feline CVRC                                                                                     $ 17

Feline CVRC + Rabies                                                                      $ 30

Feline Leukemia                                                                               $ 35

No office call fee is added to vaccination prices unless an additional diagnostic exams is needed at the time of vaccinations

Please consult the Gupton's House Vet during clinic hours for price quote about any other vaccinations of interest.

Non-Surgical Services

Service                                                                                     Fee

General Exam/Consult                                                 $30 - $ 75

    Diagnostic Service for illness, health condition, behavior, etc.

price level to be determined by the vet

Blood/Lab Panels                                                       $ 85 - $ 300

    (Price varies depending on the type. Call or come in for a quote)

Fecal Examine                                                                        $ 20

Skin Scraping                                                                         $ 20

Feline FIV/Leukemia Test                                                      $ 40

Heart Worm Test

*With purchase of 1+ months preventative                $ 25

**Without purchase of preventative                              $ 30

*Heart worm and Flea treatments are available in 1,3, and 6 month doses.  

  • Prices vary by type, brand and dose quantities.
  • Please call (316)681-0515 to make refill requests for flea, tick, and heartworm prescriptions.  Allow 24-48 hours for refills.  You will be called once prescriptions are available for pick-up


*Prescriptions--Price varies based on type and exam required for prescription.  Please call (316)681-0515 to make prescription refill requests.  Refills can take 24-48 hours and you will be notified when it is ready for pick-up 


*Additional Services are available.

  •  Please call the Gupton's House Vet info line and answering service and leave a message requesting information about additional services.  We will return your call within 48 hours
  • Additional services may include, but are not limited to the following:  Puppy Health check, Urinary/Bladder Issues, Pain Management, Skin Condition Management (allergies, fleas, mites, infection, etc), Chronic Ear Issues, Etc.

Surgical Patient Information

Requirements of Patient

  • Proof of vaccinations performed by vet must be presented prior to surgery or Dr Harvey will give them at the time of the procedure visit
  • Must be in general good health to be determined by the Gupton's House Vet
  • An appointment with a $ 20 nonrefundable cash deposit. The deposit will be applied to the final vet service fee.
    • Appointments and deposits can be made at the Gupton's Retail store front desk any time during store hours
  • Completed Patient Information Form including release signed and dated by owner of record
  • Elizabethan Collar
  • Follow pre-op instructions
    • Dogs and cats greater than 5 lbs:
      • No food after midnight the night before and no water after 7am on the day of surgery

General Information

  • Check in from 8:30a.m. to 9:00a.m. on day of surgery
  • Owners will be called after 2pm when procedures have been completed and patient is ready for pick up.
  • Be sure to leave a phone number at which you can be reached throughout the day
  • Pick-up must occur no later than 6:00 p.m.
  • Post-op instructions will be issued at time of pick-up

Surgical Procedures

Procedure                                                                                         Fee

Cat Spay (<15 lbs)                                                                          $95

Cat Neuter (<15 lbs)                                                                        $65

Rabbit Spay (<15 lbs)                                                                     $115

Cat or Rabbit Neuter (<15 lbs)                                                       $85

Cat Declaw   (front only)                                                       $60 - $105


Dog Neuter (+ $ 25 per each additional 25 lbs)

      2--10 lbs                                                                                     $60

      11--25 lbs                                                                                   $70

      26--75 lbs                                                                                   $95

     (retained testicle neuter fee is an additional $50 - $75)


                            Dog Surgeries for dogs 2--30 lbs

Procedure                                                                                         Fee

(each additional 15 lbs of weight is $ 25 extra per 15 lb increment)

Spay                                                                                               $130

Umbilical Hernia Repair                                                                 $85

Inguinal Hernia Repair                                                                  $130

Small Growth Removal starting at                                               $85

Large Growth Removal starting at                                              $130

Ear Cropping (does not incude ear wrap)                      

          Under 15 lbs                                                                        $160

          15 - 30 lbs                                                                             $190 


                                        Dental Cleaning

Procedure                                                                                         Fee

Dog or Cat under 70 lbs                                                                $135

Dog over 70 lbs                                                                             $185

The following are only done in addition to a dental cleaning:

Minor Tooth Extraction (unlimited number)                                  $30

Major Tooth Extraction (number restrictions apply)                    $70


Other Surgical Procedures

The Gupton's House Vet can perform a number of additional procedures, please come in for a price quote consultation and a discussion about any procedure not listed above




New Client Info

To all NEW Clients:

  • To make any kind of appointment with Dr. Harvey, you must pick up new client paperwork at the front counter of Gupton Pet Care
    • 2815 S Geo Wash Blvd
    • Tues - Sat:  11am - 7pm
  • When you pick up your paperwork you can create an appointment
    • Exam/Consultation/Vaccination appointments DO NOT require a deposit
    • Surgery Appointments DO require a deposit
  • NO new client appointments will be made via phone or Facebook request, or any other contact method other than in person