Natural Stride Supplement

  • Joint and Immune Supplement
  • Includes Glucosamine, MSM, Hyluronic acid, and Yucca
  • Also includes biological anti-inflammatory cetyl myristoleate which we have seen increase mobility in most dogs
  • Price $ 25.98 - $ 99.98

Cat Furniture

Cat furniture provides your feline friends with a home within your home.  A special place to perch, hide, scratch, and play with total comfort.  We stock all sizes from simple scratching posts to towers 6ft tall.  Make sure your feline friend has a special space to feel safe and happy.

Dog Beds

Cat Cuddle Ups

Catnip Toys

Natural Wood Perches

  • Bolt on
  • Multiple sizes (6" - 24")
  • Great for bird foot health
  • Comfortable and attractive
  • Prices: $ 6.98 - $ 25.98

Natural Aquarium Decorations

Incredibly attractive, eco-friendly, long lasting, decorations that create happy and healthy environments for your aquatic pets.

  • Woods
    • Drift wood on slate or Mopani Root Wood
    • Great for softening water
    • Wonderful fiber source for plecos and other scavengers
  • Rock
    • Lava, Petrified Wood, Quartz, Rainbow rock, Slate and more
    • All pH neutral
    • Some are high in iron which is great for planted tanks

20 High Kit & Stand

Best Buy Kit

Marineland LED Biowheel Kit with Accent Wrought Iron Stand