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Help Wanted

Kennel Technician


Goal:  Work independently or with a group to complete the daily duties required to maintain the health, happiness, and cleanliness of the animals and the complete Grooming area at Gupton's Pets and Supplies Cat, Small Animal, and Bird Boarding 


Primary Duties: Include but are not limited to the following

1.  All tasks listed on the Grooming Area Clean up

2.  All tasks listed on the Cat, Small Animal, and Bird Boarding area

3.  Floor Sweeping and Mopping

4.   All tasks assigned by management and/or the owner's of Gupton's Pets & Supplies

6.  Alerting management to any and all health or behavior problems with the animals

7.  Alerting management to any maintenance or supply related issues


Secondary Duties: Include but are not limited to the following

1.  Greeting all customers as they enter and saying good day as they leave

2. Helping to gather dogs and supplies as they are being picked up by owners from grooming


Physical Requirements

1.  Ability to lift and move 50lb containers or animals

2.  Bending, Squatting, and Reaching in repetitious motions

3.  Scrubbing on hands and knees

4.  Moving buckets of mop and wash water

5.  Pushing and pulling brooms and mops

6.  Gentle, yet firm handling of the dogs while you speak to them


Additional Requirements

1.  Ability to take correction

2.  Desire to keep things clean and tidy to the standards required by Gupton's

3.  Affection and respect for animals

4.  General flexibility as required when working with live animals


Required Schedule

  • Tues - Fri  7am - 12pm
  • Saturday  2pm - 7pm
  • Starting pay minimum $ 7.50/hr  maximum $ 8.50/hr
  • Additional hours and increased pay are available as performance improves




Hamburger Feed Fundraiser

Gupton's 4th Annual Hamburger Feed Fundraiser


100% of the proceeds go to the Pet Food Pantry at the First Metropolitan Community Church

Please join us with your canine companions.

  • Where:  Gupton's Pets & Supplies, Inc
    • 2809 and 2815 Geo Wash Blvd
  • When: Saturday May 12, 2018 from 11am - 3pm or until we run out of burgers
  • What: A people/pooch party 
  • How: Hamburgers, Cheese Burgers, Nachos, Soft Drinks, & Desserts--for people and/or Pup Treats--for your 4 leg companions, sold to raise funds to support the Pet Food Pantry