Puppy 101 Seminar

We are offering a one hour class to introduce you to the ins and outs of being a puppy parent/owner.  We will cover topics including puppy selection, all types of training, vet care and requirements, grooming needs, and supply selection.  Following the class will be a question and answer session.

When:  Sunday March 4th at 2:30 p.m..

Where:  Event Room in Gupton's Pet Services and Supplies

              2815 Geo Wash Blvd

Cost:  $ 5 per person limited to 12 participants

How to Register:  Details are coming soon both at guptonspetshop.com and on Facebook

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Help Wanted

09 Kennel Technician


Goal:  Work independently or with a group to complete the daily duties required to maintain the health, happiness, and cleanliness of the animals and the complete 09 facilities housing the animals at Gupton's Pets and Supplies Boarding and Daycare.


Primary Duties: Include but are not limited to the following

1.  All tasks listed on the Morning 09 list

2.  All tasks listed on the Afternoon 09 list

3.  All tasks listed on the calendar cleaning log

4.  All tasks listed in the cleaning log notebook

5.  All tasks assigned by 09 management and/or the owner's of Gupton's Pets & Supplies

6.  Alerting management to any and all health or behavior problems with the dogs

7.  Alerting management to any maintenance or supply related issues


Secondary Duties: Include but are not limited to the following

1.  Greeting all customers as they enter and saying good day as they leave

2.  Introducing and supervising dog play--proper handling of all dogs

3.  Helping to gather dogs and supplies as they are being picked up by owners

4.  Helping quiet the dogs while others are speaking to customers

5.  Putting out for the morning and/or putting to bed at night all the boarders

6.  Passing on identification of dogs to the next shift of employees

7.  Answering the phone, taking reservations, basic boarder check in, administer special feedings and medications and filling out the log for feedings and medication--only was you have been approved by your supervisor


Physical Requirements

1.  Ability to lift and move 50lb containers or animals

2.  Bending, Squatting, and Reaching in repetitious motions

3.  Scrubbing on hands and knees

4.  Moving buckets of mop and wash water

5.  Pushing and pulling brooms and mops

6.  Gentle, yet firm handling of the dogs while you speak to them


Additional Requirements

1.  Ability to take correction

2.  Desire to keep things clean and tidy to the standards required by Gupton's

3.  Affection and respect for animals

4.  General flexibility as required when working with live animals





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